Day Late and a Dollar Short, My Favorite Music of 2019

Even later than last year. My favorite 15 albums from 2019 in alphabetical order. Dedicated to Mike “Old Man Juke Box” Bailey who I would have discussed this with. Rest In Peace.

Giuda E.V.A.
Sure this isn’t as good as their first two but it’s damn fun glam rock.

Hurry Up Shotgun This Crystal Vessel
90’s style alt rock.

Le Butcherettes bi/MENTAL
Finally combined the chaos with great songs.

No/No Diagnostic
Nuwavy goodness, well when the guitars are prominent. Tapers off and gets more generic on the songs with less guitar. Go Wisconsin!

Raketkanon #3
This is a weird one. Kind of like Faith No More without the funk and more Gary Numan. Listen to a few tracks as it’s all over the place.

Redd Kross Beyond the Door
Classic glam/power pop/punk rock kings return. Once again they make a catchy album that retains their sound but is different than all they did before.

Ride This Is Not A Safe Place
An odd case of liking the band better after their reunion. “Kill Switch” is my favorite song of the year.

Starcrawler Devour You
An amalgam of 70s and 80s rock that they put their own stamp on. Lots of hooks. Why isn’t everything on bandcamp makes this much easier.

Swervedriver Future Ruins
On par with their first two albums. Nice surprise.

The Hussy Looming
Garage rock usually isn’t my thing. Usually the songs aren’t this good. Go Wisconsin!

The Neptune Power Federation  Memories of a Rat Queen
Aussie classic metal done with lots of flair lead by the  Imperial Priestess. Pretty over the top which makes it better for me.

UV-TV  Happy
Punk shoegaze. Great when the woman is singing, less so when the dude is. Some killer songs on this.

Versing  10000
These guys love Sonic Youth. Very 90’s alt rock.

White Reaper  You Deserve Love
Power pop that stands out above the deluge.

Young Gov  Gov 1
The best of the year. Power pop as good as anything that has come before it. “Gov 2” isn’t remotely as good.