Playlist for the week of March 12, 2017

  1. Girl “Hollywood Tease”
    Phil Lewis of LA Guns and Phil Collen of Def Leppard’s early NWOBHM band.

  2. Donovan “Cosmic Wheels”
    From his “glam” album.

  3. Uriah Heep “High Priestess”
    Still on a Heep binge.

  4. The Knack “Sweet Dreams”
    Beatleish song off of their third album “Round Trip”.

  5. Raven “Don’t Need Your Money”
    Classic NWOBHM, Raven was a frantic force of nature on their first three records.

  6. Alejandro Jodorowsky “Psychedelic Weapons”
    60’s psych meets Morricone song from the “Holy Mountain” soundtrack.

  7. Godplow “Mesmerized”
    The US Swervedriver. Don’t get excited it’s good but not that level.

  8. Heavy Tiger “I Go for the Cheap Ones”
    Yeah, this had it’s own post. Swedish rock power.

  9. Bee Gees “I Laugh in Your Face”
    A fantastic bitter dirge.

  10. Basil Poledouris “Anvil of Crom”
    Over the top ManOwaR level epic from the first Conan movie.

  11. Terry Reid “Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace”
    Came to the almost Led Zeppelin singer through Cheap Trick’s cover of this song.

  12. Powermad “Nice Dreams”
    I prefer the version on the “Combat Bootcamp EP”. Late 80’s thrash although this song isn’t thrash more a spidery slow boil.

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New Afghan Whigs album coming, here’s a new song.

Album cover
Afghan Whigs “In Spades”

The reunion shows I saw at the Metro in Chicago (2012?) were fantastic, as good as I had ever seen them. The band was white-hot and Greg Duli commanded the stage as few seem able to do.

The record was not as successful. “Do to the Beast” was good but I haven’t returned to it much. This new song is also good but it’s lacking something, maybe it’s former guitarist Rick McCollum’s playing.

Here’s the first track released off of the new album “In Spades”

Afghan Whigs Web Site

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