Cobain’s reactionary motives in making “In Utero”

Read this Quietus article Nirvana’s Howl At The Moon: In Utero Revisited, 20 Years On this morning.

I have thought, since I heard “In Utero”, that Cobian was not saying “fuck you” to anyone. He was sculpting his world view. He was saying “I’m not a sell-out”. Problem is he went out of his way being so caustic. Cobain sacrificed songwriting in places for being “punk”. Catering to the “punk” (this whole “the year punk broke” is a load of crap) or “indie” crowd was far more of a compromise.

Great, it wasn’t “Nevermind” part 2 but it is far too reactionary. To pandering to the “punk” and “indie” critics. Trying hard to challenge the new “frat boy” fans instead of making the best record he could.

This article was brought to my attention by Craig Hutler. I think much of it goes to prove my point of a reactionary move to regain “indie” credability. Then when dad got pissed they bent a bit for the man.


Just ran across this commercial for “In Utero” (via Blabbermouth)

They were once great: Goo Goo Dolls

If you liked early Replacements (Stink/Sorry Ma) or early Soul Asylum (yes. they were also great once) the first three Goo Goo Dolls albums will right up your alley. Midwest rock infused with Metal and Punk. I know they are from Buffalo.

Fun, catchy and intense. Great live show. Then somewhere along the line they lost the plot, they wanted to be taken seriously. They obsessed over Paul Westerburg the same way he obsessed over Alex Chilton. It ruined them and made them huge. Now  40+ Bon Jovi Moms love them. Oh well.

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