New Cheap Trick Song

Cheap Trick


While I enjoyed the Christmas album, a novelty album, the last “real” album “We’re All Alright!” was at best fine. The album before that “Bang, Zoom, Crazy… Hello” was decent. This song continues the diminishing returns. All the Cheap Trick elements are there just not done very well. Not sure if they are done as far as new music goes or if the Julian Raymond production/influence is the problem. Take a listen and be bored.

The Far Side is the Greatest Comic Strip

Ask me what my favorite comic strip is I say “Calvin and Hobbes”. I thought about it once and determined “The Far Side” was actually my favorite. It is lock step with my sense of humor, I find it a work of genius. The observations are uncanny yet on target.

Check out this short history of “The Far Side” and it’s creator Gary Larson.

On the Far Side

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