Hate Your Friends


Every week Apple Music makes a Friends Mix. Each week I will make off the cuff “reviews” of the songs in this list.

The Replacements “Kids Don’t Follow” We start off with a bang. Their first two releases are the best two releases. No, you’re wrong. Turn it up.

Treepeople “Big Mouth Strikes Again” A one two punch of great bands this week. Unfortunately it’s a Smiths cover, fortunately this version is better than the Smiths version. Yes, it is. Wouldn’t turn it off.

Lungfish “Non Dual Bliss” This is great, if you want to listen to the same thing for 6 minutes and 6 seconds. Wouldn’t turn it off.

Sunny Day Real Estate “Every Shining Time You Arrive” I prefer the 3rd and 4th Sunny Day records over the first two. Turn it up.

Silver Jews “Random Rules” Sounds like a guy with a cold singing over a half-assed Velvets rip-off. Turn it off.

Galaxy 500 “Listen, The Snow is Falling” How long have I been asleep? Slept right threw it.

Low “2-Step” Off of the best Low album? Still in the miserable and glacially paced mode. No, I didn’t sleep through it. Turn it up?

Radiohead “WorryWart” Yeah, I like Kraftwerk too. Turn it off.

godheadsilo “Nuts to You” An above average noise rock band that never quite won me over. I actually listened to the whole song. Wouldn’t turn it off.

Trans Am “Motr” Get a singer. Wouldn’t turn it off.

Kinski “Guest Girl Vocalist” Post 2010 garage rock punk whatever. There’s a billion of these bands they are mostly all fine. Wouldn’t turn off.

Dinosaur Jr. “I Walk For Miles” Not familiar with some of the newer Dino Jr. Was about to type “go listen to Bug” but this is pretty damn good. Turn it up.

Shudder to Think “No RM 9, Kentucky I’ve come around to these guys but I have to be in the mood for them, I’m not. Turn it off.

The Van Pelt. “His Steppe is My Prarie Decent 90’s alt rock. Some may call this emo, not nearly annoying enough to give it that label. Would leave it on.

White Fence “You Cant Put Your Arms Around a Memory” Tweeish, singer songwriter, blah blah. Kill it with fire.

The Frogs “That’s What She Said” Not my thing. Wouldn’t turn it off.

Wire “Cactused” Consistently putting out good post-punk forever. I wouldn’t turn it off.

White Reaper “Head Wind” A band that stands out in the deluge of power-pop bands we have been buried in. Turn it up.

Automatic “Too Much Money” Lofi punk electronic that could be a million other bands. Wouldn’t turn it off.

Versing “Tethered” Someone really likes Sonic Youth. Wouldn’t turn it off, there are other songs on this album I’d turn up.

Purple Mountains “Maybe Im the Only One for Me” Fuck you. Turn it off.

Beach Slang “Bam Rang Rang” A good rocking song, just don’t put on the Replacements pastiche song off of their newest, that’s torture. Turn it up.

Vivian Girls “I’m Far Away” A wet paper bag. Turn it off.

Best Coast “For the First Time” What the fuck, turn it off.

Pegboy “Superstar” Bhopal Stiffs. Would leave it on.

Hate Your Friends