Hate Your Friends no. 2


Week 2, can I keep it up ?

Every week Apple Music makes a Friends Mix. Each week I will make off the cuff “reviews” of the songs in this list.

The Replacements “Androgynous” Second week of kicking off with The Replacements. I like the Joan Jett cover of this. Listened to all of it.

Palace Music “The Brute Choir”/Bonnie Prince Billy “Raining in Darling” Americana, why I hate my friends. “The Brute Choir” skipped at :32 seconds, “Raining in Darling” skipped at 1:17, only lasted that long because I was writing this.

Slowdive “Ruth” This is more like Low than shoegaze. Listened to all of it.

Summs “Music Won’t Save You” Music has saved me so fuck off. Skipped at 1:27.

Bjork “Cosmonogy” Apparently I have enough Bjork albums. Skipped at :22.

Spiritualized “Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating in Space” Tried listening but I really wanted to hear the next song. Skipped at 2:03.

Portishead “Chase the Tear” Magnificent. Gets your motorik going. Listened to it twice.

Kinski “Operation Negligee” Rerun band from last week. As good as the song was last week this is bad. Skipped at 2:03.

Hot Snakes “If Credit Matters, I’ll take Credit” Now I want to listen to Drive Like Jehu. Listened to all of it.

Lungfish “Constelations II” More repetition. Would have turned it off but it was over.

Protomartyr “In My Sphere” Last week I said garage rock was mostly fine, I lied. Skipped at :30.

Swirlies “Pancake” Makes you think Americans can’t play shoegaze. Lasted 1:25.

The Soft Pack “Parasites” You’re no Lungfish. Made it 1:05 in.

So Pitted “Get Out of My Room” Get off my playlist. Maybe :20.

Ride “Seagull” Brit pop shoegaze. I like their last two albums best. Listened to all of it.

Trans Am “I Hear Fake Voices” Robot vocals, awesome. Listened to all of it.

Swervedriver “Duel” How to rock and be laid back at the same time. Listened to all of it.

Mercury Rev “Chasing a Bee” It’s fine but not seven minutes fine. Made it to 3:05.

Gary Numan “We Take to Mystery (to Bed)” The dreaded fretless bass popping. Vocals save this one. Listened to all of it.

“The Church “Aura” I like The Church but I don’t like this. Lasted 3:05 of 7 long minutes.

Lush “Sweetness and Light” Lots of shoegaze this week, this is in the good column. Listened to all of it.

Dag Nasty “Mango” Still waiting for vocals.

Avail “On the Nod” Filter Discord through Lookout. Listened to all of it.

Pinhead Gunpowder “Keeping Warm in the Nighttime” Sounds like the East Bay. Listened to all of it.

Hate Your Friends no. 2