Hate Your Friends No.5


Every week Apple Music makes a Friends Mix. Each week I will make off the cuff “reviews” of the songs in this list.

Many more things to hate this week.

Pavement “Zürich Is Stained” A band that always sound like they don’t care. The anti-Archers of Loaf. 10 seconds, maybe.

Dismemberment Plan “Follow through” This band has one good song and this isn’t it. 23 seconds then skipped.

Dinosaur Jr. “See You” Passible reunion era Dino Jr. This is where you should go listen to “Bug” instead. Listened to it all.

Cymbals Eat Guitars “And the Hazy Sea” Worst band name ever contender. Sounds like a manic depressive Built to Spill but without the songs. Listened to all of it.

Decibully “Uncle Sam’s Yard” Sorry friends but I don’t do Americana. :23 seconds as I was writing this.

Japandroids “Continuous Thunder” You say thunder, give me some. Lasted 1:09 .

Nada Surf “Do It Again” Nada rock. 10 seconds of tedium.

Maritime “It’s Casual” Decent dream pop. Make me a mixtape. Made to it 1:55.

Yuck “Sunday” More dull ass indie guitar rock but with more jangle. Pass. A sleepy 35 seconds.

Pinback “Fortress” Christ what with the bland indie guitar rock. People like this? Must have insomnia. 20 seconds.

Hefner “Grandmother Dies” Probably should change the name of these post to “My Friends Like Boring Music”. 1:18 waited for it to kick in.

The French “Wu-Tang Clan” Regardless if you are referring to the hip-hop group or the Shaw Brothers movies a song named “Wu-Tang Clan” shouldn’t be this banal. :35 seconds of annoyance.

The Flaming Lips “Feeling Yourself Disintegrate” From the pinnacle of the Lips catalog. It’s all shitting the bed after this. Listened to it all.

Mojave 3 “Return to Sender” Fuck off with the limp honkey tonk shit. 41 seconds of pain.

Ex-Hex “It’s Real” Indie rock trying to be Bad Company. Passed at 1:03.

The Dream Syndicate “Put Some Miles on It” Motorik dream pop that I don’t like. Made it to 1:12.

Astride Sonne “Strong, Calm, Slow” Pointless, bland, dull. woke up at 1:26 in a daze.

Jay Som “Superbike” Wow this week is the soundtrack to the cure for insomnia. 32 seconds, reaching for some caffeine.

Pingrove “Hairpin” More americana torture. 23 seconds of looking for some Mountain Dew.

Andy Shauf “Try Again” Limp twee bullshit that appears to worship Paul Simon. 23 seconds of wondering what the hell is going on.

Brainiac “Hot 53At Can’t 51T Down” YES! This one saves the day. Go watch the Brainiac documentary. Turn it way the fuck up and listen to it all.

Les Savy Fav “The Orchard” Listened all the way through because I want to like them but I don’t.

Hoover “Distant” Competent 3rd tier Discord. Listened to all of it.

Zomes “Beckoning Breeze” An organ, a bland beat and some breathy wailing. 1:37 to see if it got any better, it didn’t.

Bass Drum of Death “Fine Lies” Another shit name, also false advertising the bass drum is rather normal. Listened to all of it but the “fake” over distorted recording really turns me off.

Hate Your Friends No.5