Hate Your Friends No. 6

I’m back, it’s been a while. I haven’t been able to get into the blog to edit it. I figured it out. This is from last week so there will be another for tomorrow’s play list. Enjoy.

Every week Apple Music makes a Friends Mix. Each week I will make off the cuff “reviews” of the songs in this list.

Fugazi “Give Me the Cure” My favorite Fugazi is the first two EPs. Sometimes “End Hits” comes close. Listened to it all.

Hüsker Dü “It’s Not Funny Anymore” Some of the first signs of the pop leaning Hüskers, essential. Listened to it all.

Maritime “Light You Up” Adult contemporary indie-rock. Made it through 1:19.

Guided By Voices “Striped White Jets” As I said before give me the big rock production GBV with complete songs. Listened to it all as it’s short.

Pavement “Stop Breathing” Still don’t like this band, aping a Velvets sound here. No thanks. 34 seconds.

Dinosaur Jr. “Don’t” While I usually say “just listen to ‘Bug'” but this one is not one I need to hear. Stoped at 1:01.

Superchunk “On the Mouth” This is a good one. Fast, raw, when they were fun. Listened to it all.

Minutmen “Take Our Test” Not well versed in the Minutmen, I’ve tried. I liked this one. Listened to it all.

Sammy “Possibly Peking” Finally something I don’t know. This is alright, slink, raw indie rock. I’ll give these guys another listen despite the name. Listened to it all.

Turnstile “BLACKOUT Keep hearing how these guys sound like 80’s hardcore, they dont. It’s not bad, the hype doesn’t help it. Listened to it all.

Soundgarden “Full On (Reprise)” Throw away from a great album. Listened to it all.

Black Flag “Black Coffee” I’ve warmed up to Rollins Black Flag recently, Still think “Everything Went Black” is my go to but I’ve been going back to the Rollins stuff. Listened to it all.

Dr. Know “Watch it Burn” Fucking this is the shit. Raw 80’s hardcore. Listened to it all.

Government Issue “Caring Line” The last two GI albums are classics. Psychedelic, Punk, Rock and some great songs. Listened to it all.

Soul Side “Pearl to Stone” The early hardcore Soul Side, love it. Just keep that new stuff the hell away from me. Listened to it all.

Rocket From the Crypt “Sturdy Wrists” When RFTC wrote a catch anthem it stuck in your head. Great stuff. Listened to it all.

Void “Who are You?” From when DC hardcore was far less sophisticated. Raging. Listened to it all.

Gang Green “Alcohol” Their signature song. Good stuff from before they became a novelty band. I’d rather fuck than drink though. Listened to it all.

Spiritualized “Come Together” I’ve tried multiple times to get into this band. Still not there. Listened to all of it to see if it changed my mind. It didn’t.

Lush “Stray” Love me some original wave shoegaze. Listened to it all.

Low “Light You Up” This makes me sad. RIP Mimi. Listened to it all.

Sunny Day Real Estate “Seven” Not sure how this ever got labeled emo. It’s arena rock, Listened to it all.

The Cure “Just Like Heaven” What the hell do you say about this. Listened to it all.

Unsane “East Broadway” Not my thing. I like noise but there needs to be something to hook me in. 10 seconds.

Ted Nugent “Queen of the Forest” Fuck this. I burned all my Nugent albums. Didn’t even start it.

Hate Your Friends No. 6