This Weeks Links: Super-Volcanos, Ian Svenonius, Jodorowsky…

Mike Gitter, Andrew W.K., Voyager 1, Scallops, Barnes & Barnes, Sports Insanity.


After 37 years, Voyager 1 has fired up its trajectory thrusters
The idea humans can control something that far away is a testament to what we are capable of.
via Ars Technica

Scallops Use 200 Eyes Made of Mirrors –“They Work Like Telescopes”
There’s lots of weird on earth yet to discover.
via Daily Galaxy

What Lurks Behind Rabid Sports Fandom?
For those looking for an answer to why people love sports here’s one answer.
via Nautilus

Super-Volcano Eruptions More Threatening Than Thought –“Capable of Returning Humanity to a Pre-Civilized State”
I had to have something to scare the shit out of me after the nuclear threat had diminished. Now I have two with the nuclear threat returning.
via Daily Galaxy


xXx Fanzine: Mike Gitter On Boston, Hardcore, And Bookbinding
Mike Gitter’s xXx Fanzine gets the book treatment.
Here he is in his band Apology with Brian Baker’s brother.
via Decibel

Chain and the Gang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Experiment, an interview with Ian Svenonius
“The music industry is 20% playing music, and the rest of it is all this hype promotion bullshit. Events feel less vital, and I think that’s directly correlated to all this promotion hype because it’s dissipating energy. It’s taking the place of the actual event, which is supposed to be playing music.” – Ian Svenonius
via Bandcamp Daily

ANDREW W.K. To Release ‘You’re Not Alone’ Album In March
Someone who is the exception to what Ian Svenonius talks about in the above article. Andrew W.K. is the master of promotion yet having the mystery remain.
via Blabbermouth

‘I Had Sex With E.T.,’ Barnes & Barnes’ Forbidden New Wave Record
Lost in Space’s Billy Mummy got weirder than “Fish Heads”.
via Dangerous Minds


Killer Statues Of Alejandro Jodorowsky As El Topo And The Alchemist
The is merch for everything.
via Dangerous Minds

This Weeks Links: Super-Volcanos, Ian Svenonius, Jodorowsky…