Song of the Day: Manowar “March For Revenge”

Manowar. Ridiculous. Over the top. Funny. Awesome. From their second album 1984’s “Into Glory Ride”. Ross the Boss of Dictators fame on guitar. This really is fucking epic.

From the so dramatic middle through the end. I love this. There is no irony. No self awareness. Just metal.

Here is a taste of some lyrics.

Fallen brother as I hold closed your side
I fear this wound your last.
Mighty earth now doth drink your blood
And I remember days long past.
Your sacrifice so great, rest now take thy sleep
For you shall not awake, let revenge be sweet.
For when we march, your sword rides with me.

Song of the Day: Brainiac “Draag”

Today is the 16th anniversary of the death of Timmy Taylor. This is the first song I heard by them and was instantly hooked. Definitely a band you love or hate. If you haven’t heard them check them out, there are bands that still attempt this sound but are nowhere near the greatness of Brainiac.

Song of the Day: Queensryche “NM 156”

Yes, I like Queensryche. Well to a point. Anyway this was really interesting to my ears in 1984. From the album “The Warning” this combination of mechanical, electronic elements and metal was great. A nice change of pace on a pretty traditional (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest) metal album.

My thought was cool you could cross Gary Numan and Metal. Well that was wrong as I find most industrial metal tedious.