I’m on the ‘Rock and/or Roll’ podcast again this week. Talking 70’s metal.

Holy crud two weeks in a row. This time it’s BJ, Martin Popoff and me.

Here is the lowdown:

What exactly does “heavy” mean? Who were the earliest, heaviest bands and how did their particular brand of rock and roll evolve over the course of the seventies, culminating in a new genre called “heavy metal” that exploded in the late seventies and into the eighties? On the next two episodes of the podcast BJ and his guests Martin Popoff (Part 1 only) and Fistful of Dave will attempt to answer these questions while sharing with you some of the very heaviest music of the seventies.

You can listen right here

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Don’t know who Martin Popoff is? He writes shitloads of books about heavy metal.
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