Want to hear me suck the air out of a room when I say “Peter Criss is a terrible drummer”?

So my friend BJ does this podcast called Rock and/or Roll. His knowledge of the subject is unbelievable. If you want to know about glam, power-pop, glam metal, rock, hard rock, nwobhm it is well worth your time to check out.

He asked me to join in. As I love my own opinions and I love to talk, I jumped at the chance. Must have not been to big of a pain in the ass as I back for more.  It was a split podcast with the super nice guys from PodKISSt.

Here is an overview about the episode:


Every year between 1974 and 1985 KISS released at least one studio album except for, technically, 1978. That year saw the release of the four solo albums, one by each member of the band, but no real KISS album. On this crossover event, which is an episode of both the PodKISSt and Rock and/or Roll, a quintet of obsessive KISS fans have the gall to rewrite KISStory by asking themselves WHAT IF??? What if, in 1978, instead of releasing the four solo albums, the four members of KISS had pooled their resources and made a truly great KISS album? Imagine that, between Love Gun and Dynasty‚Ķ Read The Rest >

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UPDATE: I called Peter Criss ‘horrible’ not ‘terrible’.