Listen to me defend the first 3 Goo Goo Dolls Records

I have been accused of having questionable (bad) taste at times but I will argue with anyone about the greatness of the first 3 Goo Goo Dolls albums. They had that midwestern punk rock thing going on, like a heavy metal version of Soul Asylum or The Replacements. They were fun, juvenile and they rocked some damn fine songs. Sure after “Hold Me Up” it was a quick slide to shitsville, although I can listen to “Superstar Car Wash”, the rest is obviously better left alone.

Anyways, for some reason, your reluctant host, BJ invited me to talk about the Goo Goo Dolls on the otherwise fabulous Rock and/or Roll podcast. This was posted a while ago, forgive my delay.

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Goo Goo Dolls “Know My Name”