Check Out the Riot Documentary “Fight or Fall”.

Riot Restless Breed Line Up

The band Riot is a favorite band and their album “Fire Down Under” is an all top ten album for me. Being a fan since 81-82 I have come across very little information about the band. Which reminds me to check out Martin Popoff’s book “Swords and Tequila: Riot’s First Decade” from a few years back.

A few months ago a site called The Metal Voice released part 1 of their Riot documentary. With archival footage and interviews with former Riot members Rick Ventura, Peter Bitelli,
Lou A Kouvaris, Riot producer Steve Loeb and a handful of others (Lips from Anvil, Biff Byford, Martin Popoff, Jack Starr, King Fowley, etc.). It covers the bands formation and up to the “Narita” album. A few weeks ago Part 2 was released it covers the “Fire Down Under” and Rhett Forrester period.

Overall this is a great source of information on the band. The production quality isn’t the greatest but the content is great, although the inclusion of the band Riot V is pointless and annoying. Even with that it’s worth your time if you dig Riot or the history of heavy metal.

Here they are, enjoy.
Part 1

Part 2

Check Out the Riot Documentary “Fight or Fall”.