She is most remembered as the girl who screamed at the top of her lungs and urinated all over the stage at shows.

In the Quietus’ “Bakers Dozen” today, Zola Jesus give her top 13 records. Now this has nothing to do with Zola Jesus as she actually likes the music but when the reason someone is known for pissing themselves on stage leads me to question the quality of the music.

This is about a musician. I take that back about the her being a musician, she is a performance artist.

I understand trying to get a reaction from people through art. Many people do this under the guise of being experimental or pushing the boundaries. Often the shock or presentation is the art not the music. Music is just a vessel for the performance piece. Performance art is on the same level as someone who is looking for attention. They may have something they are “saying” but more often than not it is attention for them. With absolutely no substance or craft. Ideas that a just poorly executed using extremities as cover for lack of quality.