Dumb Numbers: Dinosaur Jr. mashed with drone metal.

dn_coverCan’t stop listening to this. Take Dinosaur Jr or Sebadoh and mash in some doom metal and some drone.

Had no idea of the “guests” on this album when I first heard it. It actually does it a disservice as this album stands on its own. Oh you want to know the guests?

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my friends Lou Barlow, Murph, Dale Crover, Bobb Bruno, Chad Matheny, Steve Patrick, Bonnie Mercer, Pete Lyman, Toshi Kasai and also to my two favourite Davids in the whole world.. David Lynch and David Yow for the beautiful artwork. – Dumb Numbers Website

This has what I love in music, the beautiful mashed with heavy or ugly.