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Philthy Animal Taylor's Drumkit
Philthy Animal Taylor’s Drumkit

Motorhead, Lightning, Time, Descartes…


Buy Philthy Animal Taylor’s Shark Drum Kit.
Motörhead/Phil (‘Philthy Animal’) Taylor: An original Camco drum kit with shark motif bass drumskins…

Angry Samoans, Dickies, Suburban Lawns And More In A Cable Tv Report On L.A. Punk (C. 1980)
What’s Up America was a newsmagazine show that ran on Showtime from 1978 to 1981… One segment, roughly contemporary with The Decline of Western Civilization, profiled the Los Angeles punk scene.
via Dangerous Minds

‘Undead’: The Book Every Bauhaus Fan Will Covet Is Arriving Soon
…a new book of Bauhaus recollections and ephemera…
via Dangerous Minds


Lightning strikes leave behind a radioactive cloud
Gamma rays produced by lightning hit atomic nuclei, transforming them.
via ArsTechnica

Where Did Time Come From, and Why Does It Seem to Flow?
…what does it even mean that time is flowing?
via Nautilus


Descartes on Wonderment
“Wonderment is the first passion of all… Those without any natural inclination to this passion are ordinarily very ignorant.”
via Brainpickings


Thirty years later, “Max Headroom” TV pirate remains at large
Thirty years ago today, a person or persons unknown briefly hijacked the signal of two Chicago television stations, broadcasting a bizarre taped message from a man wearing a Max Headroom mask.
via ArsTechnica

Facebook’s “shadow profiles”: the involuntary dossiers of information you never provided, and can’t opt out of
Facebook is more evil than Google.
via BoingBoing

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